Grolleau solutions for Optical Fiber

Drawing on its experience in deploying GSM and ADSL networks,  Grolleau, which has always made a point in anticipating market expectations, started working on the optical fiber market at the end of 2009. From then on, Grolleau has developed a first offer of optical fiber cabinets fully conceived and designed by Grolleau’s teams, a true pro-active approach for potential purchasers. Connecting France at very high speed: Grolleau is fully prepared.

Aware of the strength of its engineering and design department regarding this new market, Grolleau decided to train its engineers in order to fully grasp the required specifications of an optical fiber cabinet.

Grolleau Optical fiber box & Cabinet

materiel fibre optique
Connecting solutions for optical fiber

Grolleau offers a range of three types of cabinets meeting the market issues. These cabinets were designed to both meet the needs of linking large numbers of subscribers and of opening the network to other operators.

GROLLEAU solutions for optical fiber networks

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France Telecom selects Grolleau for its Optical Fiber Roll-out


France TélécomIn June 2012, France Telecom selected Grolleau for its optical fiber roll-out throughout the national territory and awarded Grolleau a three-year contract that includes the annual delivery of 2000 to 3000 outdoor cabinets for its FTTH (Fiber to the Home) networks.

This positions today Grolleau as a leading player in the Optical Fiber networks market for all other operators.

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For almost ten years, Grolleau has been present in the Information Technologies and Communication markets (High speed ADSL internet, ADSL+, TNT digital television, DVB-H, GSM mobile telephony, UMTS, etc.), notably by developing, thanks to its engineering skills and its production capacities, two major families of metal cabinets and boxes to be installed in external or internal locations. Such cabinets and boxes enable operators to create their network and to connect the users throughout France.