Shelter cabinets

Standard design: Shelter cabinet


  • Front: Removable 1 leaf door.
  • Side panels reinforced with a multi-bend system (same composition for the roof).
  • Wooden floor and solid laid plastic coating.
  • 5754 H22 28/10 thickness aluminium coating.
  • Polymerised polyester powder coating.
  • RAL 1015 textured beige powder finish.
  • Other optional finishing available on request.
  • PU foam internal insulation.

Standard equipment:

  • DENY 1 point lock.
  • Blocking and anti-swing off device.
  • 20/10 aluminium internal partitioned.


  • Upper ventilation haute equipped with slit and extractor.
  • Lower ventilation equipped with slit and filter box.
  • 3 point DENY 3 mechanical lock (ref.15581).
  • DENY 3 point anti-panic lock (ref.16179).
  • Electrical equipment.

Grolleau shelter cabinets

Completes the outdoor cabinets range. They are taller and can therefore protect more devices and are better adapted to some customers’ volume constraints. Here again, Grolleau offers light and resistant products totally made of metal with a wide modularity level for telecom networks.