Tram d'Angers

Urban cabinets,
Grolleau’s flagship product

Grolleau has more than 350 cabinets within its catalogue, and the same number of cabinets have been developed besides it. Grolleau is therefore able to fully meet all its customers expectations and needs : electrical cabinets, public lighting cabinets, cabinets for signalling or for gas.

Such a wide variety of usage should not however make us forget the shared characteristic of all our cabinets : their ability to restore a stable and safe thermal and electrical environment able to protect the components they contain against external damage in a sustainable manner.

Grolleau equips your city and is projected in the smart grid

Our urban range

Armoire Grolleau
Outdoor cabinets, for the protection of your systems
Urban cabinets
Grolleau, manufacturer of public lighting cabinets
Marché de Noël Strasbourg
Various electrical cabinets designed for outdoor usage
Armoire connectée G'Connect
To fully enter the era of the Smart City, Grolleau cabinets can now be connected.
Urban cabinets
Traffic lights: Grolleau’s expertise
Borne arrêt minute
Supervision and versatility of short-term parking.
Éclairage de stade
A complete range, for the supply and the punctual distribution of energy
Usine gaz
Safety and modularity for the gas network
Bâtiment en briques
Rehabilitation door - EP box
Caméra de vidéosurveillance
A complete range of secure cabinets connected to video surveillance
Urban cabinets
A complete range, for the supply of energy of multiple equipments
Market terminals fixed or removable, solutions for the development of your public places