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Traffic signal cabinets: Grolleau’s expertise

With nearly 30 models listed in the catalogue, signalling cabinets are part of Grolleau’s trademark. They power and control traffic lights, integrating perfectly into all urban environments. Designed to recreate a thermally and electrically stable environment, their purpose is to ensure a high level of safety, therefore protecting the components they contain from external aggression in a sustainable manner. Bespoke, they offer comprehensive traffic light management and meet the requirements of local authorities in terms of safety, environment, ergonomics, and technicality.

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One requirement : quality

As an official supplier of the City of Paris, Grolleau has made the manufacture of traffic lights one of its specialties. With over 50 years’ experience in the urban industrial equipment sector, Grolleau has mastered the attention to detail and expertise required for this field. In order to precisely meet the demands of its customers, Grolleau relies on its primary strength: the demand for quality. In April 2010, it was the first company to obtain CE certification for the entire traffic light system. Today, in partnership with light source designers, Grolleau remains the only company in France to hold the highest level of qualification regarding these requirements; a recognition of expertise that it strives to put at the service of its customers every day.

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