Circulation véhicules

Traffic lights,
Grolleau’s expertise

Official supplier of the Ville de Paris, Grolleau is a genuine expert in the production of traffic lights. More than 50 years of experience in urban infrastructure taught us to pay great attention to details and to rely on the expertise necessary for this sector. In order to meet our clients expectations as accurately as possible, Grolleau relies on its key asset: high standards of quality. Grolleau became in April 2010 the first EC certified company for all traffic lights equipment. Today, in partnership with light sources developers, Grolleau still is the one and only French company which has the highest qualification level in order to meet such requirements; it is precisely this expertise which we are committed to provide daily to our customers.

Grolleau equips your city and is projected in the smart grid

Our range traffic light

Armoire signalisation ancienne génération
Outdoor cabinets, for signaling network.
Armoire signalisation ancienne génération emboutie
Outdoor cabinets, with stamped cones for signaling network
Armoire de signalisation ville de Paris
The signal cabinet City Hall of Paris.
Caisson feu unicolore
Reliable and simple road signs to install.
Pattes de fixation pour feux tricolores
Easy installation of our light signaling for road traffic
Signal principal 3 feux
Paris 3 main traffic signal: Reliable and easy to install road signs.
Signal principal 4 feux
Main signal 4 lights Paris city: A reliable and easy to install road signs
Répétiteur 3 feux
Paris City 3-light repeater signal: Reliable and easy to install road signs
Traffic lights
Paris 4-light repeater signal : Reliable and easy to install road signs