Public Lighting Cabinets

manufacturer of public lighting cabinets

Grolleau works with numerous local authorities in order to provide them with cabinets able to manage streets or buildings lighting. Located outdoor, these public lighting cabinets are part of our outdoor cabinets range and share the same specifications. Hence, they can naturally recapture indoor environments within an outdoor environment.

Grolleau equips your city and is projected in the smart grid

Our range public lighting cabinets

Armoire ville de Paris
Lighting City of Paris: Easy installation for public lighting networks
Armoire extérieure
Outdoor cabinets for public lighting: a solution perfectly adapted to the urban environment
Armoire extérieure en inox
Stainless steel outdoor cabinet anti-vandal system for public lighting
Coffre fort éclairage ville de Paris
Stainless steel outdoor cabinets for public lighting reinforced vandal resistant system
Coffret éclairage ville de Paris
Outdoor enclosures city of Paris: Perfect mechanical strength of our facade boxes.
Coffret EPL 500
Our 500 public lighting boxes: Easy installation for public lighting networks.
Coffret modulaire
Box with protector IP 2X
Armoire éclairage de stade
Stadium control and lighting cabinets: a solution perfectly adapted to the sports complex.