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Technical characteristics

With its longstanding expertise in energy distribution management, GROLLEAU assists its clients in the fields of intelligent mobility at the heart of territories, as well as in the management of alternative energies, transient storage, and autonomous distribution.


Easy and optimised maintenance


Remote data consultation in real time


Fewer on-site interventions

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How they work

Notre expertise de l'armoire électrique

To enter fully into the Smart City era, Grolleau’s cabinets can now be connected.

With a monitoring system capable of supporting a fleet of several hundred cabinets, Grolleau’s connected offer can be used to remotely monitor all of a cabinet’s functions.

With a few clicks, priority information and potential dangers are identified without having to travel on site.


Des coffrets électriques adaptés à vos besoins

Checking the meter, identifying access to the cabinet, pointing drifts, anticipating a failure or overheating are all information transmitted by each connected cabinet in a very low speed network.

Grolleau’s connected solution is suitable for new or existing cabinets, whether manufactured by Grolleau or not, so that all cities can switch to the Smart City.

Application mobile pour armoires électriques connectées

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