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The Optical Network Node (ONN) is an essential link in local fibre optic networks as the convergence point of various lines and the connection point for network subscribers. This technical room houses the active equipment and technical infrastructure that make it possible for the operator to manage and activate the connected lines. To secure and stabilise these installations against external aggressions, Grolleau offers prefabricated shelters: 

  • Lightweight, double-skinned aluminium shelters insulated from 5 to 20 m² 
  • Heavy concrete prefabricated shelters from 5 to 20 m² 

These volumes allow for a connection capacity ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 lines. These plant rooms are made up of large shelters, positioned upstream of the mutualisation points (SAP cabinets) located in the heart of urban spaces. 

However, Optical Network Nodes (ONNs) are allocated a minimum of two distinct spaces: 

  • A first space for hosting service operator equipment (bays housing active equipment, low-voltage switchboard (LVGS), air conditioning, control and alert systems, etc.); 

A second space for the bays or clusters housing the cable heads of the FTTH (Fibre To The Home) service network. 

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Shelters for Optical Network Node (ONN)

The technical access installations are hosted in an area called the “operator area” dedicated to the equipment’s electrical supply. The optical fibres are connected to optical splitters, in an area called the “optical transport area”. 

Using Grolleau’s prefabricated shelters for Optical Network Nodes (ONNs) makes it possible to industrialise deployment operations of large-scale projects, with turnkey shelters that have been previously integrated in Grolleau’s production plant, delivered on site. Installation and commissioning therefore require little finishing work. A large range of interior and exterior layout configurations are available. 


A large range of interior and exterior layout configurations are available. In order for the shelter to blend into its surroundings, Grolleau offers to customise its outer appearance, both in terms of colour and finish (e. g. wood or brick cladding). Slate or tile roofs can also be added to the shelter so that it blends even better into the environment. 

Grolleau offers a solution for installing photovoltaic panels on NRO shelters. This solution aims to promote the preservation and enhancement of the shelter ; to enable a reduction of its energy dependence ; to be part of an eco-responsible approach.

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Technical specifications

Thermal management

Air conditioning (3 to 20Kw)


Electronic lock
Video surveillance
CTM access control
  Fire detection, extinction


Optical splitters
Technical floor
Energy bays
Emergency power supply (energy rack, batteries, UPS)


Power generator
Consumption management
Solar panels
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